Barbour/Andrews/Harland Photo Archives


John Milne Barbour 1868-1951

Possibly Helen Reilly Barbour or Nina Andrews (Thomas Andrews Jr. sister)aged 16 years.  Looking for further confirmation & welcome all inquiries.

John Milne Barbour  1868-1951.

Eldest brother to Helen Reilly Barbour.  Eldest son to John Dougherty Barbour  1824-1901.

Linen manufacturer.   Minister of Finance for Northern Ireland 1941-1943.

Barbour Family collection.


John Doherty Barbour D.L., J.P. (1824 – 1901) Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum

Father to Helen (Nellie).    Eldest son to William Barbour of  Wm. Barbour & Sons Ltd., Hilden.      The Barbour Flax Spinning Co., Patterson, New Jersey
The Barbour Brothers of New York.

"Mother Barbour"

Elizabeth Barbour "Mother Barbour" 1846-1934

Elisabeth Barbour, mother to Helen Reilly Barbour (Nellie).
Born in Scotland. Died in Regents Hotel. Leamington Spa, Warwickshire England.

Andrews/Vanaria collection

Andrews Brothers at Keswick.  C. 1891   (Thomas Andrews Jr.  far left in straw hat.)    

Thomas Andrews Jr. cricket photo. c. 1887 (bottom row, left) Ian Shields Collection

Andrews-Barbour Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Andrews Jr.     June 24th, 1908.  

(Conway House-Dunmurry)

April 26, 1906

Thomas andrews Jr,  (back centre).    Thomas Andrews Sr.  (bottom right),  at wedding of sister Nina Andrews.    Bridegroom:    Lawrence Arthur Hind  (bottom left).

Young Elba

Baby Elba. Only child to Thomas & Helen Andrews. V. Morrison collection.

Elizabeth (Elba) and her father Thomas Andrews Jr.  in early 1911 at the Andrews Family Home  “Ardara” in Comber.     V. Morrison collection.

Elisabeth (Elba) and her father Thomas Andrews Jr.  with family dog “Laddie.”

Early 1911,  Ardara, Comber.     V. Morrison collection.

Betze & Elba

Elba  Andrews (on  right)   and cousin Betze  c-1915.

Elba (on left) as a young woman.

Only child to Thomas &  Helen  Andrews .


Signature-Elizabeth Law Barbour Andrews

Helen 1917

1917  Second Marriage to Henry Pierson Harland.

Conway House-Barbour Home 1929

1929 Barbour Family Reunion at Conway House, Dunmurry.    Helen Andrews (Mrs. Henry Harland) is seated 1st row center with hat & white fur.    V. Morrison collection.

C. 1899

Henry Harland at Strathearn.  c. 1899

Andrews/Vanaria collection.

Henry Pierson Harland

Helen Andrews-Harland

Helen & Henry Harland at the English Court.  c. 1930′s

Henry (Harry)  Pierson Harland   1876-1945
Henry P. Harland (1876-1945), shipbuilder and 2nd husband of Helen Andrews.  He was Director of Harland & Wolff and a Member of Parliment for East Belfast.    Helen & Henry married February 8, 1917.

Henry & Albert (Bertie)

Mr. & Mrs. H.Harland

V. Morrison collection.

Frank on crutches.   Henry far right (in photo).
Andrews/Vanaria collection.
Louisa Bonham

Barbour family Domestic,  Louisa Bonham.


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  1. forex says:

    Hey! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you’ve got right here on this post. I shall be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

  2. ireneengland says:

    My paternal Grandmother ,Louisa Bonham was nanny/nurserymaid to Elba.I found the photographs lovely. The facts we have so far are really interesting,I think my Aunt is in touch with some people who are involved in the Titanic society.She has found out quiet a lot .I only wish ther ewas a photograph of my Grandmother with the family. Her son ,my father is still with us and he finds this very interesting, he is 94.years old. Many thanks.

  3. Wendy Barker nee Fox says:

    AS above I am sister to Irene and therefore another grand-daughter of Louisa Fox nee Bonham, My gr andmother had the wedding photograph of Thomas and Helen on her wall at home until her death in 1967 her daughter (our aunt )tells us of the tales and stories her mother told to her of her days as nanny/nursery nurse to Eliza Barbour’s children and how she would recall visits to the Barbours home in Belfast (Conway) of the Andrews family and would tend to Elba, She was very fond of the families and was sad to leave their employment. I am thrilled to think my grandmother had such close connections to such a wonderful family and famous too. I have seen a rehearsal copy of Denise ‘s DVD and loved it. Thank you very much for allowing us to share this amazing history. Wendy.

  4. Karen Barbour says:

    Just ran across this web site and was wondering if I could get some information…

  5. CeeCee says:

    I love your site! Mostly I love the photos! Thank you for making this information available to Titanic (and Andrews) lovers everywhere. ;D

    Also quick note: On the Andrews/Barbour wedding photo there’s some writing. I’ve always wondered what it says. The photos are always to grainy or small to make it out. Not to mention the script used back then was way more fancy than I’m used too.

    Anyway thanks again for this wonderful blog.


  6. Sarah says:

    I am a very close friend of Denise. I have a question for Wendy!! I would love to hear the stories as you recall that your grandmother told of Eliza Barbour’s children!! Could you tell me some of them? Thank you so much!!

  7. Christina says:

    I have a question, whose the owner of the picture with Thomas and his daughter (stating V.Morrison Collection), I’d like to find out where those pictures are from, because I have never seen them before. I have a few more pictures of Thomas Andrews, which you haven’t got here. And I’d like to share my information if you’d like.

    Topic: Thomas Andrews Jr.
    Kind regards.
    PS would really love to find out who V. Morrison is and contact the person.

  8. Mrs Andrews says:

    Hello Christina,

    Many thanks for your interest. I understand my historian is in contact with you. We truly appreciate your kindness.


  9. anna says:

    Is this an American website?
    I am currently writing a Harland resume with Henry Peirson Harland’s family ( he was 9th of 17 children) given the central focus.This is because we connect to Henry’s Aunt Emily Jane and we have Harland artifacts,papers and photos in the family’s collection.We also would welcome a chance to connect with Vera Morrison please, should she be willing,old family photographs being of particular interest to us.

  10. Margaret says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to look through so many beautiful photographs of the Barbour, Andrews and Harland family. I’ve always considered Thomas Andrews to be a hero. All of the shipyard workers loved him and respected him. He was always said to be “fair” with them. I grew up just off the Comber Road in Dundonald about 3 or 4 mls from Comber. Our nextdoor neighbours were the Bonham family. I don’t know if Louisa was connected to them or not. I know one of Mrs Bonham’s grand-daughters is called Louise.

  11. Margaret says:

    Great site, good information. Thanks for posting and working hard on it. It’s nice to see pictures of the Andrews’ family, Thomas Andrews has always been my favorite person from the ship.

  12. Kristen says:

    Those are amazing pictures of Thomas Andrews. I recently discovered that I am his distant cousin because we are both descended from the same people. I am surprised that Helen remarried Henry Harland. When people see me near pictures of Thomas Andrews jr., they could tell that I am related. They say I have his dark hair, eyes, high forehead, and even his face shape. I am surprised to see that someone is related to Elba’s nanny. That’s amazing to have this in the family.

  13. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    Thank you for this site – the photos are wonderful! I am a Naval & Maritime Historian, sharing the RMS Titanic story around Victoria, Australia. A friend by the name of Joy Ellingsen (nee Mitchell) was the great-great granddaughter of Jane Harland, second cousin of George Harland, and passed away before Christmas 2013. Her husband Bruce was assisting with her family story, and I was able to pass more information from Wikipedia. Thank you again.

    Kind regards,


  14. Olivia Martin says:

    My maternal grandmother, Vera Gordon, is a cousin of ‘Nellie’ Andrews from both sides of her parents, William Gordon (who was the son of Maria Barbour (sister to John Doherty Barbour) and Robert Gordon. And her mother Euphemia (ne Thorburn) whose mother Euphemia Milne was sister to Elizabeth Milne who was the mother of ‘Nellie’ My grandmother grew up calling Helen Harland Aunt ‘Nellie’ and knew her daughter Elba well. Vera’s family home was Hilden House, Lisburn which I believe now is a brewery!

  15. Olivia Martin says:

    I also think the photos are wonderful! I am fascinated by genealogy and currently undergoing a family tree. I’ve been doing lots of research and wonder whether V Morrison is in fact Vera Morrison, daughter of Henry Harland (Helen’s second husband). If so, she appears on my family tree. Is there any way I can get in touch with her? Many thanks, Olivia

  16. Kristen says:

    I really enjoy viewing the pictures of Thomas Andrews and reading the information about him. Thomas is truly a hero after reading some stories about what he did during the sinking. Thomas is my distant relative through the Morrison family lineage which is in his mother’s side of the family, the Pirries. He was always a good person, very respectful to others indeed. He was the bravest man I have ever heard of, especially for the fact that he is one of my long lost family members. I appreciate you spending the time on getting these wonderful pictures together and for having a video dedicated to Thomas. I hope to visit Harland & Wolff one day to see if I could get more information regarding Thomas and to possibly meet Johnny. I even wrote a poem and a children’s book dedicating to Thomas which I would like to share with others. Thank you very much.

  17. Jane Trafton-Winch says:

    Good evening,

    I am trying to do some research on my maternal grandmother, Emma Pridmore. She often told my mother that she had been on the Titanic as a Lady’s Maid to a Mrs. Henry and her husband was Sir Henry. Mrs. Henry and my grandmother got off of the Titanic prior to sailing to New York, but her lady’s husband remained on board and perished. After numerous searches, we have not been able to find any “Henry’s” on the first class passenger list that corresponds to the info my grandmother mentioned. I was wondering if it possible my Grandmother was referring to her employer, Mrs. Henry, as the wife of Henry Harland after their marriage? Unfortunately, I don’t have the dates of her employment by Mrs. Henry other than it obviously being in 1912. Any information you could provide would be most useful in our ongoing search on this unanswered question. Thank you and hope to hear from you – Jane Trafton-Winch

  18. Jane Trafton-Winch says:

    After reading my query, I realized that I meant to add if it is possible that my Grandmother was in service to Helen Andrews during the time of the Titanic sailing and later, after Helen’s marriage to Henry, would be when my Grandmother was referring to her Lady as Mrs. Henry. Thank you again – Jane Trafton-Winch

  19. Mrs Andrews says:

    Hello Jane & Thank you for your inquiry. I will go into my papers and see what I can find for you. It is possible your Grandmother was in service to Helen at Otterspool house. After the upcoming Florida tour, I plan on updating & adding many new photos to the website. Please let me know if you should like to see a photo of the family at Otterspool with Elba.


    Mrs. Andrews

  20. Daisy says:

    First of all I must admit that my friends and I all find your blog rather impressive.
    But I think there is a little blemish in the correctness of the photos you provided.
    I happened to get a book named A Chronicle of Comer 1873-1912 which reads that the picture you attributed to Helen of 16 is actually a picture of Nina, Mr. Andrews’ sister.
    I am indeed a fan of this man. Hoping for further contact.

  21. Daisy says:

    The full name of the book is”A Chronicle of Comber, the Town of Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder 1873-191 2″. On page 167 there is a picture idendical to the first picture on this page. It ia labeled as Eliza Montgomery (Nina) Andrews 1874–1930 however.
    Keep contact.

  22. Mrs Andrews says:

    Hello Daisy. Over the years indeed there has been controversy on the photo in both directions. I plan on making a notation on the site under the photo as it is still undecided. Thank you so very much for your interest & and inquiry.

  23. Mrs Andrews says:

    Hello Daisy. Over the years indeed there has been controversy on the photo in both directions. I plan on making a notation on the site under the photo as it is still undecided. Thank you so very much for your interest & and inquiry.

  24. Mrs Andrews says:

    Hello again Daisy. Yes, I have the same book. Thank you for writing in. Please write again.

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