Mrs. Thomas Andrews Special Engagements



Denise Vanaria as Helen (Nellie) Andrews


Dear Denise,

Thank you for coming to our library for your performance.  It was absolutely loved by everyone and that was the first standing ovation that our patrons have given to a performer.

With my best wishes,

Kelly Corrado

Coordinator of Adult Services, Special Programs, Publicity, and Promotions
Greenwood Lake, New York  10925

Dear Denise,

Thank you and your staff for a wonderful afternoon.  All of my residents have not stopped talking about the event.  Will contact you again. You have enriched all of our lives.

God bless you,

BettyAnn D’Anna-  Life Enrichment Coordinator

Southland Suites of Melbourne

Melbourne, FL  32935

Dear Ms. Vanaria,

What a splendid program you presented for us the other night.  All the attendees hung on your every word and some were visibly moved.    Thank you for bringing the story of the Titanic tragedy to life for us.

Polly Sandridge- Friends of the EauGallie Library.  EauGallie Florida.

Dear Denise,

On behalf of all the residents at Cameron House, I thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon. Your presentation was informative and delightful and such a positive response from ALL the residants. “It was the best presentation we have seen’, quoted one of our residents. They loved the artifacts and were fascinated by all the information you shared. It was a joy to meet you, and again I thank you for such a wonderful afternoon. We all wish you well and hope to have you back again soon.
Pat DiGrigoli ,Acivity Director at Cameron House in Lenox, Ma.   May 2013
Denise,  What a thrill to watch you perform as Mrs. Thomas Andrews at Quail Run Estates yesterday.My wife mentioned to me a few weeks back about your upcoming presentation. We invited another couple who also had an interest in the history of the Titanic.
You were professional, original and convincing. You  were also  factual which helps beginners to understand how the conditions where at that time. I was impressed.
Thanks,  Ben   May 2013
Dear Denise,
Your excellent presentation at Noble Horizons on September 7th dredged up many memories for me.  Yes, my mother did dress for dinner.  On my trip aboard Olympic in 1931, a gala dinner was held to which even we children wore our pretty pink and frilly party dresses.  Much time was spent in deck chairs on deck forward near the first stack.  The galley must have been beneath that area because of the unpleasant blend of food and black stack smoke at times.  It resulted in quiziness or sea sickness.  It was a seven day crossing, stopping briefly at Cherbourg to let a few people disembark.
I am aware of the time and attention to detail it took to put on such an interpretation of the Edwardian times and dress and history of the designing of the Titanic.  It was thuroughly enjoyable to me and all who saw it.
Sincerely,  Anne Brigham
Salisbury, C.T. October 9, 2013

Denise Vanaria (Nellie) 2011